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Best Soldering Station in 2019 – Do Not Purchase Before Reading

Best Soldering Station
Written by Matt Smith

The Soldering Station is also known as ‘Soldering Iron’. A soldering station or iron is a typical hand tool used in soldering. It provides heat to melt solder thus it can flow into the joint between two work-pieces. In other words, a soldering iron is a collection of a heated metal tip and an insulated handle.

If you like working with any type of metal or solder, then you know that having a standard quality of soldering iron is a must to protect that you get the best results. There are number of different options on the market, the best soldering irons can help you fix up your broken electronics and circuit boards which is useful for arts and crafts, making jewelry and many more. Generally, soldering irons have uses for amateur and professional tradesmen. Today, we will be searching some of the best soldering irons on the market. Here we are helping you to decide the right tool for the job. Lets see the Best Soldering Station.

8 Best Soldering Station in 2019 Reviews Guide

8. Weller WLC100

This soldering station comes from Tekpower manufacturing brand. It likely won’t serve for a plumber who considers soldering part of his daily work, but the Weller WLC100 is a useful alternative for minor at home projects or requirements. The iron has a comfortable foam grip, which makes it easy to maneuver. The Tekpower TP13 Soldering Station consists almost everything that you need to start using solder to join metals and make your circuitry, electrical connections. This soldering iron is durable, easy to control pencil iron with various power control. It act as a replaceable heating element, so you can continue using the same iron for a long time to come. The Weller WLC100 features a variable power control that lets you adjust the power level from 5 to 40 watts by simply turn of the knob which is located on the base unit.

Weller WLC100

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Easy to Control

Includes an iron-plated copper tip

Lightweight pencil iron

7. Aoyue 9378

This exclusive soldering station is developed from the Aoyue 9378 manufacturing brand. Aoyue 9378 is microprocessor-controlled ESD safe soldering station. It is a brand-new product, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging. The Aoyue 9378 is a digital soldering station which includes nine extra tips, spare heating element and many more. It is a digital thermostat that permits you to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit readouts. Aoyue 9378 included with nifty vibration sensor will wake the station up when it identified movement. Brand new imported from the USA.

Aoyue 9378

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Microprocessor-controlled ESD

Comes with auto sleep and wake-up functions

System-lock out feature

Included programmable sleep timer

6. Hakko Digital

This Digital soldering station comes from well-known Hakko brand. Digital model in an analog-model price bracket. It features adjustment mode, preset mode, and password function. This Hakko Digital has a separate tip and heater design offers excellent value for money. Digital model in an analog-model price bracket. The package may not consist of the bells and whistles that accompany some soldering stations, but the Hakko Digital makes up for that with dependable performance and an iron that heats up and cools down with rapid speed. It offers an impressive thermal recovery by using T18 series tips for their terrific heat conductivity.

Hakko Digital

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Small footprint

Excellent thermal recovery

Simple and easy operation

Iron holder with full of functions

5. Weller Analog

This analog soldering station is developed from Weller brand. It is a safe module that will enhance energy saving enthusiasts, the Weller Analog has fantastic features such as it includes an automatic sleep mode that kicks in following ninety-nine minutes of inactivity. Its durable rubber cord is impervious to burns. Weller Analog soldering station comes with a one-year warranty. The Weller Analog is acted as a particular container for easy iron replacement. It is an innovative and sensor combination that offers you a quick heat-up and fast temperature recovery. The Weller Analog has a specific wireless temperature lockout to avert operators from raising the temperature levels higher than identified for the board or module so it offers you control all over the process.

Weller Analog

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Innovative Design

Container for easy iron replacement

Comfortable pencil reduces operator fatigue

This station includes a power unit

4. Aoyue 70 1A++

This advanced soldering station comes from the Aoyue manufacturing brand. The Aoyue 701A++ included an independent iron and individual desoldering gun particularly designed for breaking connections fairly. The best thing about this soldering station is that it has a ceramic heater for longer service life. It also included a cleaning pin and electrical surges prevented by its low 24-volt. The digital dual function soldering and desoldering station for through-hole boards and elements. The tools or the devices have zero-crossing circuitry to prevent electrical surges.

Aoyue 701A++

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Long life soldering station

Three in one repairing system

Digital Control with Digital Calibration

70 Watt soldering iron with Smoke Absorber

3. Sealody SSA51

This digital soldering station comes from the SEALODY manufacturing brand. If you are tired of your poorly functioning kit, then this Sealody SSA51 is the best alternative for you. Sealody SSA51 has safety design and is heavy duty. It is very easy to use for common people as well as professionals. This Sealody is awesome to operate, with a digital display that shows display temperature readings. This digital soldering station has a number of features such as it comes with power unit, aluminum soldering stand, soldering iron, brass solder tip cleaning wire and sponge. This is a versatile soldering iron that is convenient for home DIY, electric repair, and another soldering project.

Sealody SSA51

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Safety Design


Suitable for long-term use

Strong cleanability

2. X-Tronic 3020-XTS

The #3020-XTS soldering model made by the X-Tronic manufacturing brand and it is available at affordable price. X-Tronic is a high-quality ESD Safe 57 Watt Anti-static soldering iron station comes with exciting features. X-Tronic is specially developed for the beginners as well as the expert and will exceed your expectations with it’s high-quality and heavy duty construction. It is one of the best soldering stations among all previous soldering stations. Some other extra features such as extensive temperature range, the capability to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and a self-test feature to help prevent short circuits is the best feature of this X-Tronic unit.

X-Tronic 3020-XTS

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ESD Safe

Self-test function

Comes with 10 Minute Sleep Timer

Blue LED Readout on Control Module

1. Weller WD1002

The high-output soldering station is comes from the well-famed Weller manufacturing brand. This Weller soldering iron has the power to handle the additional requirements of lead-free soldering and the multi-skilled function to handle a lots of applications. This Weller WD1002 has number of innovative features such as it equipped with three preset buttons which are used for quick and easy temperature changes. With this Weller WD1002, you can also adjust the versatile or flexible stand to tilt at four distinct angles, which will make the soldering station easy to access. The Weller WD1002 soldering station has several additional features such as Modern LCD technology offers the user crucial information at a glimpse and other programmable features such as temperature standby, lockout, set-back, and offset.

Weller WD1002

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More efficient soldering station

Comes with preset buttons allowing quick and easy temperature changes

High-output soldering station

Programmable features such as temperature lockout, standby, set-back, and offset

Quick Review
  • Weller WLC100
  • Aoyue 9378
  • Hakko Digital
  • Weller Analog
  • Aoyue 70 1A++
  • Sealody SSA51
  • X-Tronic 3020-XTS
  • Weller WD1002


If you are searching in the best soldering station, here in our article there are best top rated soldering stations which available in affordable price and has high quality performance.

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