About Us

Matt Smith Best EarmuffsHi there, my name is Matt and thanks for stopping by to check out my website about earmuffs, headphones, earbuds and more. I’m a construction worker from Seattle who loves to listen to music and is a light sleeper.

So I started this website because I spent hours researching and finding the best products to protect my ears and keep them safe from construction noise at work. I also wanted an unbelievable set of headphones to better listen to my music when I was working out and at home on my computer. Not to mention, watching TV too. I also searched high and low to find great earbuds to block out noise for sleeping because I have a partner who snores!

I also found when I’d hang out with my friends and family, they were asking me questions about my headphones, earbuds or earmuffs. They also had similar problems like finding waterproof earbuds, the best quality noise canceling headphones, earmuffs to protect their ears at concerts etc. I even had a friend ask me about the best earmuffs for her baby because some kids are sensitive to noise for sleeping or health reasons like autism. Plus technology was changing so fast, they really needed my help understanding all the information online so they could buy right.

I hope you find my website helpful and find the right earmuffs to keep your ears safe at work or for your sport, the best headphones to listen to music or TV, better ear protection for your kids and more.

All the best, Matt

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