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Best Smart Rings In 2019

Best Smart Ring
Written by Matt Smith

In these biggest competitions, everybody keeps a Smartphone with them. There is actually need small smart gear that will be working for you so Instead of keeping the large device in your hand the smart ring is the obvious option. The smart ring is just like a regular ring, it connects to your Smartphone via Bluetooth or associated app so that you can easily receive all important notifications. You can do many more with this ring like sharing and transferring information, storing information. Some smart rings are designed for your health purpose for monitoring internal body activities and this is act as a fitness tracker. Fitness goals or good night’s rest will be attained by connecting rings to your phone. Just by being close to devices WHICH support NFC technology these rings can do many things.
Fitness trackers rings don’t have NFC chips, so you’ll need to choose which feature is more important and useful to you. With integrated research, we have done hard work for you and come with Best 10 smart rings in the market.
It’s a time to say bye to your old ring, and be smart these smart ring!

Top 10 Best Smart Rings In 2019

1. Motiv Ring

The motive ring is the best smart rings for you. You can call this ring as a “care Taker”. This 24/7 ring contribute while you are taking care of yourself. It tracks the step and distance. It can monitor your sleep, heart rate, calorie burn, and activity. This ring works with Apple health and Google fit so it will best suitable for you if you are the health conscious. You can improve your daily and weekly goals with this ring.
These rings are Compatible with iOS 9.0 or Android 6.0 (marshmallow) or later devices. For security purpose there is online security of your account is provided by using 2-step verification. When you are shopping online, checking emails or handling social Medias this smart ring provides extra security. This ring is wrapped in an ultra-light titanium shell. Anywhere you go, you can keep this ring with you because it is waterproof and durable. The look of this ring is stylish. This ring is thinner and light weighted. It has USB magnetic dock and it charges in just 90 minutes. It has 3-days battery life.
You will first get a sizing set to find your desired size, ring sent once then you need to select size and color, shipping will be included in it.
You will be satisfied to have this smart ring!

Motiv Ring

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Key Features:

  • 3-day battery life
  • Quick charge
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Durable
  • Biometric tracking

2. Jakcom R3 NFC Smart Ring

The Jakcom is a great option for Android users because this ring only connects to Android and Windows devices. This ring is made from germanium. As the content availability in earth’s crust of germanium is only 0.0007% this metal is rare. It has high health care efficiency. It has the ability to improve the modern people comprehensive symptoms which are obtained due to air pollution, lack of exercise and working pressure. It is a Cotopaxi volcanic magmatic. Due to a thousand years of geological movement, it has the capacity to of relieving convulsion, soothing the nerves, calming the liver, improving ears and eyes, and relieving asthma as compare to ordinary magnets. All material is fetched from natural minerals so it can release more pure far infrared ray, Scarlar Energy and negative ions. It powerfully improves the Krebs cycle which leads to improving energy endurance and strength.
As we know the electromagnetic waves from the computer, phone and electric appliances may cause bad effect on our health this can help us to resist electromagnetic waves. It can connect IC/ID/NFC Card Reader.
This wearable electronic highly waterproof ring is suitable for anyone anytime!

Jakcom R3 NFC Smart Ring

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Key Features:

  • Reliable metal
  • Supports Android and Windows Phone
  • NFC hardware
  • Waterproof

3. Keydex NFC Multi-function Ring

The Keydex is a stylish looking ring that is sure to fit the hand of any female. This ring is made up of fine ceramic. This ring is highly scratch resistant. You won’t show any allergic reaction with this ring as compared to rings made by metallic material. The material used in this ring can minimize signal and antenna interference from a metallic material. It is certified to be IP68 grade .this ring performs properly even when it submerged in water up to 30 meters for up to one hour means it’s highly waterproof. Through the associated app, you can edit cards, web address, text and easily sharing this ring. The Keydex NFC is a multi-function ring which is able to share information or unlock your phone.

Keydex NFC Multi-function Ring

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Key Features:

  • Beautiful, solid ceramic material
  • With associated app can edit name cards, web address, and text
  • Great for people, who have allergies to metals,
  • Waterproof

4. Sopear Titanium Waterproof Ring

Are you searching for a sleek, sophisticated ring with a lot of function? Then this ring will be a great choice for you. This is a multifunctional ring used to communicate with the phone. You can listen to music, saves all kinds of private information unlock the phone, share information and many more. It stores your private information such as schedule, account, and memo. It contains quick start multi-function scene mode, release the hands with high efficiency. The sharing information can be done by touching “card”, “website link”, and “message and pictures”.
The special feature of this ring is, there is no need battery charging. The various chips are equipped with wireless receiving model that reads the electromagnetic wave energy by reading and writing device quickly and converts the power required by chip without charging, anywhere.
The many types of trace elements are present in crystal ceramic which are able to improve your metabolic process and conveniently promote for better blood circulation. We can say that it is good for our health too.
It has a high waterproof level. This ring is dustproof as well as fall resistance. This pretty ring is perfectly worth for its price!

Sopear Titanium Waterproof Ring

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Key Features:

  • Waterproof, dustproof and fall proof
  • No need to battery charge
  • Compatible with Android and NFC function

5. LYCOS Life NFC Smart Ring

When we shopping for traditional rings, there are two types of ring design for men and women separately but this ring of LYCOS life is designed for suitable for both. Wrap the power of security and accessibility around your finger by wearing a ring. With just a single tap transfer message and share contact information make an easy way of your communications. By using LYCOS life app you will able to save and transfer messages because the ring has two programmable NFC chips. Its standout features include the personal security manager due to this it can securely log in to your account, apps, and websites on your phones. Unlocking will be done easily without troubling of remembering passwords. You can add more security to unlock your mobile device by using figure prints and ring interaction. It has Tap2Tranfer capabilities means this device is enabled by T2T communication. Means you can share your new friend’s number, clients a business card, or instantly share an address to launch directions to a restaurant with a simple tap from LYCOS lite device to a phone. LYCOS Life app is compatible with Android V4.3 and up and NFC enabled devices. With the app, you can control your setting and security.
The rings come with Alpenglow Orange, Coral Red and white color, you can choose which is suitable for your style.
The amazing technology is put in this simple ring; you will get a surprising performance with this smart ring!

LYCOS Life NFC Smart Ring

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Key Features:

  • Personal security manager
  • Wireless tap to transfer
  • Unlocks phone with no password
  • Stylish look

6. 7 Smart Ring

Thanks to 7 for making a smart ring with impressive design and number of function. This attractive ring comes with three color and two combinations that are silver-pink, silver-white and gold-white. The notifications are color coded so that you know when you get a specific notification on your Smartphone. The flushing colors on the stone can be customized for special apps such as calls, messages or social media apps. You will able to do more without pulling your Smartphone out of your pocket for each time. This is anti-theft because it will remind you when the connected device goes beyond the range of 10 meters. It has a simple tap SOS feature which is useful.
You can carry this smart ring into your shower, rainy seasons or a quick dip in the pool because it is waterproof. As this smart ring is dustproof, you can use this in dusty conditions. With this ring, your Smartphone will be safe during hiking and cycling. While the phone is resting in your pocket, the notifications tracking will be done by this smart ring. The more advantage of this ring is its wireless charging. This app enables ring perfect for iPhone, iOS and All Android Windows NFC Mobile Phones.
This smart ring is made up of sterling silver which makes it an exclusive wearable accessory!

7 Smart Ring

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Key Features:

  • Color-coded notifications
  • Anti-Lost notification
  • Emergency call
  • Dust & waterproof
  • Wireless charging

7. Wang Yaqin Smart Ring

This is the excellent smart ring of wang yaqin for men who like simplicity with smartness. The technology of this ring is near field communications so it enables other NFC device to communicate with each other. The smart ring can save and exchange the information .it also can unlock your Smartphone and fast start application on your device. Its powerful software makes this ring more intelligent. By touching share personal memorandum, you will able to store your private information in this ring. The sharing of phone business card, Wi-Fi password, graphics information, and smart door lock access will be done via this smart ring. You can also use as private encryption for a lock or unlock purpose. The many more functions are present in this ring to explore.
Now be smart with this highly sensitive and mysterious appearance smart ring!

Wang Yaqin Smart Ring

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Key Features:

  • Startup of a phone with a simple ring move
  • Ability to Store personal and important information
  • Touch to share personal information in the ring

8. SLEEPON Sleep Monitor Smart Ring

Sleepon Go2sleep ring is a perfect helper to take care of yours. It monitors the various data of your sleep. This ring monitors sleep time, sleep stage, AHI index, heart rate, blood oxygen, times of toss and turn while you are sleeping. Due to built-in analyzing you will know if there was something may affect on your sleep quality. For this monitoring and analyzing you just need to wear this smart ring on any finger and go to sleep. This smart ring delivers significantly more accurate detection data as compared to conventional wrist band devices. You can set an alert through the associated app, while your blood oxygen level is lower than the desired percentage, the ring will vibrate so that you will wake up. You can synchronize the data of your Smartphone by your Facebook account from this ring via Bluetooth. For knowing the other family member’s sleep quality you can add these members to the monitoring list. The ECG-like daily sleep data will be stored in your Smartphone from the associated app. By referring the app tips or consulting your health specialist you will able to enjoy the best sleep with this saved waveform of sleep data.
SleepOn has all the criteria that you are looking for and also the best small size for your comfort!

SLEEPON Sleep Monitor smart ring

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Key Features:

  • Provides a detailed report
  • Can sync family data into one account
  • Can be worn on any finger

9. CNICK Smart NFC RFID Ring

It’s a time to replace your access card by CNICK smart ring to enter offices, gym, etc because of this ring. it is compatible with HID readers and SIO loadable. By downloading NFC tools application from play store in your smartphone you will able to manage your device with this smart ring. With a single touch of a ring, you can turn on the flashlight, unlock your Smartphone, open any app, and many more.
One touch of your ring to the smartphone will be able to share the information which you consider important such that sharing links, contact details, texts, bitcoin address. It is compatible with Android and iOS and highest memory size up to 8KB. CNICK is totally handcrafted. This is created from quality exotic wooden materials so it’s an eco-friendly smart wearable ring. No need to charge this smart ring.
Look of this smart ring is stylish and Hawaiian Koa and Oxford Blue color are available to match your style!


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Key Features:

  • Manage Smartphone
  • Share information
  • Water resistance

10. Alotm R3 Smart Ring

This smart ring by Altom can be the key to your Smartphone or home-door for your secret protection. No charging required for this ring. This ring is able to do control over your Smartphone. It can automatically launch the task like call, message, setting, application to your device. It is a health module which removes the infrared rays and adjusts the body function by FIR energy stone and volcano magnet. It has the capability to send the private message, Picture, business card, website link to share and transfer information. It supports the NFC-enabled Android and Windows Phone systems. The most important property of this product is it is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. This smart ring comes in Standard US size 7, size 8, size9, size10, size11, size12, you need to choose accordingly.
It fit perfect and looks nice!

Alotm R3 Smart Ring

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Key Features:

  • Shockproof
  • Secret protection
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Control Smartphone
Quick Review
  • Motiv Ring
  • Jakcom R3 NFC Smart Ring
  • Keydex NFC Multi-function Ring
  • Sopear Titanium Waterproof Ring
  • LYCOS Life NFC Smart Ring
  • 7 Smart Ring
  • Wang Yaqin Smart Ring
  • SLEEPON Sleep Monitor Smart Ring
  • CNICK Smart NFC RFID Ring
  • Alotm R3 Smart Ring


In this technical era and heavy competition, everybody is trying to become smart with smart devices. So we come with the Best 10 smart rings for men and women which will defiantly help you to become smart than others. Some rings among the list will help to take care of your health. Now upgrade your ring and select any according to needs.

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