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Best Racquetball Racquet – Do Not Buy Before Reading

Best Racquetball Racquet
Written by Matt Smith

Let’s go to the world of racquetball racquets. It is very vital and important to select the best racquet for oneself. Other than the training and methods you develop in yourself, a well-balanced racquet is vital to have with you. The main purpose of this article is to meet you the best racquetball racquets so that you don’t get confused while selecting the best one for you depending on your skill level and play style. Although you have many options for getting the most powerful racquet for your use, you must look at some points like a balance of power and control, construction, grip size, dampen vibrations and weight.

Head size helps to determine the number of miss-hits in a game. If the head is larger, the number of mishits will reduce. Secondly, a weight of the racquet is an also important factor in your gameplay. The heavy-weight racquet is better for a player with a slow or moderate swing speed, while a lightweight racquet is better for a player who has a fast swing with excellent swing mechanics. A third one is grip size, the smaller grip size allows the player more power and easy movement but also causes elbow pain and bigger grip size mean heavyweight near the hand, resulting in less power in the shot. So, If you’re a new player, go for a bigger grip and if you’re experienced, the small grip will best for you. Another important fact is the brand, each brand has their own style and technologies. And, it’s always better to go for popular brands. Because the famous brands have a more structured warranty and refund policy as part of their business.

Last and important point is the material from which the racquets made of. The made of material determines the durability of racquets. It also determines the performance you get during the game.

So, Let’s find which one is perfect for you depend on your style of play and how experienced you are.

Top 8 Best Racquetball Racquets Complete Buyer’s Guide in 2019

8. Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet

The Wilson Striker racquetball racquet is a durable frame for pro racquetballers and tennis players they need extra durability for their game. This racquet designed in a way to provide more power to players who like to play slow and powerful strokes. The striker heavier 295 grams weight helps beginners to build up forearm strength. The stiffness of the surface increase due to the v-matrix cross-section designed racquet. Overall, this is outstanding amongst other racquetball racquets for recreational racquetball players who want to add some quality to their game.

Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet1

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Key Features:

  • Ideal for new players
  • Affordable racquetball racquet
  • Comes with a hand-strap
  • Made of heat-treated aluminum

7. E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet

E-force is another top manufacturer of racquetball racquet and the chaos offers a balance of power and control at a reasonable price. This Racquet features a quadraform head shape and uses other some technologies to maximize power. This racquet comes with 22″ long string technology with 10.5-inch cross strings and monster string holes maximize stringbed deflection, provides more power to your swing.

In E-force racquet, the 8 main strings at the center are pulled from the head to the handle for large length, which means more power and deflection. The E-force chaos also includes a bypass stringing system that skips every two holes, this design increases the overall ball response, power, and control, while zero richter tubes help to dampen vibrations. So, If you want good starter racquet that offers a perfect balance between price and quality, then the E-Force Chaos can be a good choice.

Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet1

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Key Features:

  • Strong and durable racquet
  • Well-balanced
  • Superior control between price and quality
  • It features with high-end technologies

6. Head Liquid Metal 170/180/190 Racquetball Racquet

The Head racquet comes with the liquid metal technology to make an extraordinary frame that transfers all the energy of the ball back to your shots for additional power. The Head racquet gives 29% more power in your shots. This lightweight design never strains your elbows even as you play powerful shots.

It’s 106 sq. in. head delivers power to the sweet spot. This racquet is available in 170, 180, and 190-gram weights. This racquet is best for both power play at the backcourt and plays at the forecourt. Overall, this design from Head is excellent quality, a well-balanced and lightweight design and a comfortable grip racquet.

Head Liquid Metal 170 180 190 Racquetball Racquet

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Key Features:

  • Gives great power to shots
  • Comes with a soft and comfortable grip
  • Well-balanced and lightweight design
  • Available in three different weights

5. E-Force 2016 Bedlam 170 Lite Racquetball Racquet

The E-Force 2016 Bedlam 170 Lite Racquetball Racquet is another amazing racquet from the famous E-force sporting brand. A combination of several technologies and a 170-gram ideal weight racquet give you maximum power with every swing. The E-Force technologies include a 22″ long string, bypass stringing system for better hitting characteristics and longer string life, and the launch pad technology improves a sweet spot.

The zero richter tubes at the ends of the horizontal strings help to significantly reduce vibrations and gives the maximum powerful performance. And, this designed makes it ideal for marathon players or anyone who is dealing with a wrist injury. This tournament graphite design provides durability, strength, and elongated play. Overall, the Bedlam from E-Force racquetball racquet is the best option that offers a balance between control and power.

E-Force 2016 Bedlam 170 Lite Racquetball Racquet1

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Key Features:

  • Constructed of high quality, lightweight and stiff graphite
  • A 170 grams ideal weight
  • Launchpad technology improves the sweet spot
  • Zero Richter Tubes

4. GB-50 Racquetball Racket

The GB-50 Racquetball Racquet is the best racquet for beginners, this racquet helps them to learn the game faster than most lighter racquets. The little heavier 190 grams weight racquet is more comfortable to use for an amateur. It comes with an aluminum body that creates a reliable sensation in each swing.

It comes with bigger head shape and a superior sweet spot. It gives you more command over your shots and thus its better for beginners. Importantly, the GB-50 is an affordable racquet from a reputed Gearbox brand that you can trust for quality.

GB-50 Racquetball Racket

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Key Features:

  • Reasonable racquet
  • Good for new players
  • Constructed with a durable aluminum frame
  • Comes with a wrist strap

3. Head Ares 175 Racquetball Racquet

Another quality racquetball racquet from Head in our list is the Ares 175 racquetball racquet. This stable designed racquet is best for hard-hitters. The corrugated technology adds a special touch where a series of corrugated rails are included into the racquet’s throat area to create stiff body. It’s lightweight and affordable racquet. These designed racquets are better for advanced or intermediate players who are searching for a product which offers a little more power at each shot. Moreover, this stable design racquet is also good for new players.

Head Ares 175 Racquetball Racquet

Key Features:

  • Patented corrugated technology throat
  • It offers great power
  • Lightweight and affordable racquet
  • Provides huge stability

2. E-Force Apocalypse Racquetball Racquet

The Apocalypse Racquetball Racquet is an excellent product from E-Force. The Apocalypse racquet equipped with special technology to enhance its power with the G2 power boosters and zero richter tubes. It’s a durable, highly efficient and lightweight racquet at the same time. The bypass stringing system gives you a more powerful play and a ball hit more responsive and the launch pad technology improves a sweet spot. The apocalypse racquet provides the more control and precision the players. Importantly, this racquet comes in 4 different weights and 2 different shapes, so this racquet is best for any player such as advanced, intermediate or beginner at any age. The 160g and 175g weights racquets come in quadraform shape and the 170g and 190g are in teardrop shapes and the 160 g model is ideal for fast play at the forecourt. The Apocalypse racquet equipped with special technology to enhance its power with the G2 power boosters and zero richter tubes. This racquet is featured with a carbon head and a tri-carbon frame. Overall, the apocalypse comprises of high technologies in a single model that makes it professional racquet.

E-Force Apocalypse Racquetball Racquet

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Key Features:

  • Durable and stable design
  • Equipped with high- tech makes it perfect for professional players
  • Launchpad technology improves the sweet spot

1. Head i.165 Racquetball Racquet

The main thing about the Head i.165 racquetball racquet is that is made by reputed Head company and they use their intelligence technology in manufacturing. It’s 165 grams lightweight racquetball racquet. It’s 103 sq. in. head delivers power to the sweet spot. Designed with intellifiber technology transform energy from ball impact into an electrical response that stiffens the racquetball racquet for more power.

If you are searching for a racquet that will give you more control at the forecourt, then the Head i.165 Racquetball Racquet best for you. The Head i .165 is a perfect racquet for power players who have a medium-fast swing.

Head i. 165 Racquetball Racquet

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Key Features:

  • Perfect balance of power and control
  • High-quality strings are included
  • Good dampening effect
  • Head heavy balance offers ultimate power
  • Only 165 grams lightweight racquet
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  • E-Force Chaos Racquetball Racquet
  • Head Liquid Metal 170/180/190 Racquetball Racquet
  • E-Force 2016 Bedlam 170 Lite Racquetball Racquet
  • GB-50 Racquetball Racket
  • Head Ares 175 Racquetball Racquet
  • E-Force Apocalypse Racquetball Racquet
  • Head i.165 Racquetball Racquet


There are Top 8 Best Racquetball Racquets are provided here in this article. All of these products come from popular brands, lightweight, durable and having exciting features. Hence, you can buy any of these as per your financial budget and requirements.

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