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Best Finish Nailer – Do Not Buy Before Reading

Best Finish Nailer
Written by Matt Smith

Do you delay in your trim work due to the old, inconvenient and standard hammer disappoint you? Don’t worry about that when there is a quality finish nailer will help you. The Finish Nailer is a device which is used to designed to nail molding and also designed smaller trim boards in an easy systematic manner. The thin type of nails is operated through the trim board into hardwood, plywood or any kind of wood material. Finish nailers are an essential tool for a number of projects like heavy molding, cabinetwork, and furniture construction. As compared to a standard hammer and nails, finish nailers are faster. Don’t miss a chance to select the best finish nailer. Here we have provided the high performance best finish nailers.

Top 8 Best Finish Nailer 2019 User Guide

8. Senco FinishPro

This FinishPro finish nailer is made by the Senco nail producing brand. The Senco FinishPro looks like a heavy, sturdy tool or device. It constructs with lightweight magnesium that makes it easy to handle. This Senco finish nailer is specially developed for a professional finish carpenter. This Senco FinishPro comes with a tip which won’t harm the delicate surface. With its tip, you can rapidly manage the depth drive with its thumbwheel. This Senco nail gun is great for base molding, cabinetwork, flooring, crown molding, and door or window casings.

Senco FinishPro

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Key Features:

Comfortable for all day use

Lightweight Magnesium construction


Thumbwheel adjustable depth of drive

7. Paslode 902400

The advanced finish nailer is developed by the Paslode manufacturing company. We think you surely like this Paslode 902400 due to its lightweight construction. It comes in handy for manipulating into tight corners. The good thing about this Paslode 902400, this tool feels like you are holding a feather. The portable design and lightweight design enables easier and more efficient woodwork nailing. It comes with the straight, comfortable handle and its total weight of fewer than five pounds. You can enjoy the pleasure to do work with this Paslode 902400 as compared to the several heavy-duty, bulkier devices. This finish nailer is lighter than most other cordless nailers.

Paslode 902400

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Key Features:

Cordless design for flexibility

Easy to install fuel cell system

Tool-free depth adjustment

Comes with belt hook

6. Porter-Cable PIN138

The superior finish nailer comes from the Porter-Cable manufacturing company. It is the ideal option for home projects or light industrial purpose. It constructed with the proficient motor with a technique that reduces internal friction, in simple words, you do not require to manually add oil to the tool. This Porter-Cable PIN138 has innovative features such as it included with a wrench, it uses a specific gauge headless and slight head pin nails from 5/8 inch to 1-3/8-inch length. This Porter-Cable PIN138 is available in the three different sizes like 1-pack, 2-pack, and 3-pack.

Porter-Cable PIN138

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Key Features:

Ideal alternative for home projects and light industrial use

Operates with headed or headless nails

Easily penetrates hardwood

Long life maintenance-free motor

5. PowRyte Straight Air

The Straight Air finish nailer produced by the PowRyte manufacturing industry. It is a fairly basic tool or device, but it doesn’t come with any handy features like simple lockout function that averts it from firing while the magazine is empty. PowRyte Straight Air finish nailer is perfect for installing molding, cabinetry work, chair rail and other finish purposes. The zero nail lockout characteristics reduce dry firing and shows while reloading the magazine, its split nose design for easy elimination of jammed staples. It included no-mar tip to prevent scarring and marking of a work surface. PowRyte Straight Air finish nailer also features a 360-degree adjustable exhaust port and also equipped with a hook which allows the device to keep near the user.

PowRyte Straight Air

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Key Features:

Highly visible reload indicator

Ideal for installing molding, cabinetry, chair rail, and other finish purposes

Comes with the 360-degree adjustable exhaust port

Built with no-mar tip prevent scarring and denting of a work surface

4. Freeman PFN1564

The exclusive finish nailer comes from Freeman manufacturing brand. It comes with well-balanced design and with a sturdy plastic carrying case for easy portability and safe storage. The Freeman finish nailer crown molding, installing baseboard, trim, doors, window casing, cabinet works, and furniture components. The Freeman finish nailer built with an open nose that offers you with a clear view for making adjustments. It constructs with quick jam release for clearing jams, no-mar tip removes damages to working surfaces. The device comes with dual trigger system allows for using single and sequential firing.

Freeman PFN1564

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Key Features:

Well-balanced design

Dual trigger mode is available

Great for window casing, cabinet works, furniture construction etc

7 years warranty

3. Bostitch N62FNK

This is an impressive finish nailer is developed by the Bostich company in the USA. There is number of reason to buy this finish nailer that are it is the lightweight gun which generates 400 inch-pounds of driving power which is more than sufficient to operate those 2.5” nails deep into the wood. This Bostitch N62FNK includes four different profile tips along with sample fasteners. Bostitch N62FNK has Oil-free operation does not require daily maintenance and help to reduce the risk of oil stains. Its lightweight magnesium housing adds extra durability. It comes with the tool-free removable magazine for fast cleaning and jam clearing. This tool also included an adjustable depth guide kits nails to required to depths rapidly and suitably.

Bostitch N62FNK

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Key Features:

Lightweight magnesium design

Made in the USA

Oil-free operation

Equipped with the tool-free removable magazine

2. Dewalt DCN660B

This finish nailer is developed from Dewalt manufacturing brand which is well-famous in the manufacturing industry. The DeWalt DCN660B permits you to select from two individual settings such as systematic mode or control, which is perfectly accurate jobs, and crash mode for varieties projects that need improved speed. This finish nailer has a compact and lightweight design. It is surely a great quality product. It has many fantastic features such as 20-Degree finish nailer, bump operating mode, and integrated LED lights as well. This product constructs with non-mar pads that can be conveniently stored within the tool itself. It is suitable and works effectively. It helps to eliminate the hassle of using gas, compressor, and hose.

Dewalt DCN660B

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Key Features:

Compact and lightweight design

Integrated LED lights

20-degree finish nailer

Incredible battery life

1. Hitachi NT65MA4

The advanced finish nailer model comes from Hitachi nail manufacturing brand. This Hitachi is an integrated air duster because it makes cleaning up our workspaces is very quickly and easily. This Hitachi NT65MA4 is made up of lightweight aluminum material. Hitachi NT65MA4 has some interesting features such as tool-free depth of drive adjustment, fully adjustable exhaust, selective actuation, and air duster. It helps you to retain precision and keep your area neat and tidy. It included non-marring tip will ensure that the surface you are working on remains clean and smooth. This finish nailer reduces user fatigue while improving maneuverability.


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Key Features:

Made of lightweight aluminum

Comes with safety glasses, a no-marring tip

Equipped with a handy switch

Exhaust port rotates 360 degrees

Quick Review
  • Senco FinishPro
  • Paslode 902400
  • Porter-Cable PIN138
  • PowRyte Straight Air
  • Freeman PFN1564
  • Bostitch N62FNK
  • Dewalt DCN660B
  • Hitachi NT65MA4


Here we have compiled the best finish nailer. All of these models are high quality and has high- functionality and available with reasonable cost. You can choose any one of these as per your requirement and financial budget.

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