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Best Earplugs for Concerts – Do Not Purchase Before Reading

Best Earplugs for Concerts
Written by Matt Smith

Are you a concert lover? Or a musician? Then, you must read this.

Live music concerts are great. We all know that, but the pain in the ears most of us experience once we leave the concert is not that great. And continuous exposure may lead to permanent hearing loss. So, to avoid this exposure try using earplugs.

Here, we have listed the best earplugs for concerts

Top 5 Earplugs for Concerts


The HEAROS Ultimate Softness Series delivers superior softness, comfort and protection. These high quality ear plugs feel like little silk pillows in your ears for extended wear. In addition, they block a ton of noise at -32dB reduction. These are a fantastic option for long events where lower noise reduction options would not protect your ears as well, and where comfort is key. It comfortably rolls down, and slow recovering foam gives user time to properly insert ear plugs and achieve the best, most comfortable fit every time.

The Hearos earplugs are outstandingly smooth with impartial colored foam. It is the best way to decrease high noise rank of 32 decibels. They are lightweight and comfortable and don’t feel as heavy in your ear. The Hearos Ultimate Softness series also comes with a free travel case, that means the earplugs can easily be included into your hand luggage case and taken all over the world.

Hearos Ultimate Softness Series

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Soft, comfortable for long use.Does not completely block out noise.
Malleable material which can be suitable for all ear size.Fiddly- foam has to be compressed and allowed to expand for best fit.
Massive reduction in sound levels.Low-fidelity sound experience.


The ETYPlug is the “bread and butter” of concert ear plugs. They’re inexpensive and do a fantastic job of reduce those harmful decibels. ETY Plugs are the world’s highest fidelity non-custom earplugs. They reduce most noise to safe levels while preserving the clarity of speech and the richness of music. The Etymotic ETY-Plugs earplugs give you a low-cost, easy-fit solution for dealing with noisy environments without losing sound fidelity. It reduces sound approximately 20 decibels at all frequencies.

These are generally cylindrical pieces of foam and are multi-leveled silicone which fit into your ears with very little drill. They come with a special case to store them in and even a string with ports on either side to fit the ends of the earplugs into so they can hang around your neck when/if you need to remove them for long period of time. But wearing them for long periods – 5 or 6 hours – in the hot and humid environment of a packed club they can get itchy.


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Low-cost, ready to fit with hearing protection, cord and case.Not recommended for impulse use such as shooting.
Reduces sound approximately 20 dB at all frequencies.Not suitable for long use.
Allows musicians to hear their own instrument and blend with others.May have to be replace every 3-5 months for best performance.


Earasers Musicians Earplugs are the perfect solution for ear protection. Whether you are a musician, music enthusiast, venue operator, or exposed to loud music, Earasers High Fidelity Earplugs allow you to hear clear at a safe comfortable level, as they don’t plug up your ears and decrease sound like regular earplugs. They are manufactured by a 45+ year hearing aid company, and developed by their lead engineer – a musician for over 20 years. Earasers filter out loud noise and allow you to hear at a safe, comfortable level.

The Earasers soft silicone design is based on one of the most widely used hearing aid tips in the market. The Smart Seal technology preserves the shape of your ear canal for a more comfortable fit, so that you can wear them all day. Earasers can be cleaned and reused, and when the silicone tip starts to get old, they can be “Renewed” with new silicone sleeves.  The Earasers are shaped with a slightly oval shape, which is more closely fitted to the natural shape of the ear canal. Earasers offers three levels of decibel reduction — -19dB, -26dB, and -31dB reduction at peak reduction. It has an ability to customize the attenuation and size for the needs of each individual.


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Easy to insert and use.Are expensive
Are super comfortable and safe.Proper fitting may required by trying different sizes.
Suitable for long use.Sound reduction is minimal.


EarPeace HD is a silicone with a refined design and three filter sets. These high performance ear plugs deliver crisp, clear sound at a safe volume. They come in a plastic-wrapped presentation pack, containing three plugs, three attenuators, and a smart metal case with a key ring link on it. The silicone plugs have two small cones on them for a comfortable fit, and a small tab that gives you something to grab hold of when removing them from your ears. The hypoallergenic silicone is very comfortable for sure, the ‘bells’ are designed to be squashed to give some friction to fit.

The dual parabola – or double cup shape – lets the sound waves hit your hear in the same shape as if you were not wearing earplugs, to deliver better quality sound. Because they’re tiny, and easy to lose, they come in sets of three so that you have a spare. They have their own metal tube carrying case on the end of a keychain, so you can always have them on hand. They are reusable, comfortable, discrete and the multiple skin tones make it personal.The skin coloured one has a lower attenuation and the red ones providing the highest protection. The product provides complete awareness and clear sound, but lowers the harmful decibels.


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Multiple skin tones available.Are slightly expensive
Comes in a sleek, stylish key chain carry case.Tricky to grab the handle, while removing.
They come with an extra pair.Not really strong for noise levels above 95dB.
Comfortable for long duration wearing and without falling out of your ears.
Protects hearing and provide high quality sound.


DUBS Acoustic Filters are advanced tech earplugs that reduce volume without giving up on the clarity of sound while being designed to be stylish and comfortable. The Dubs are a compact size acoustic filter, which includes 17 individual parts made with material such as stainless steel, polymer foams and silicone. The Dubs acoustic filters are sold in pairs that come packaged in small protective case, which can be reused for storage when not in use. This small case easily fits into ones pocket, jacket or pocket book. By looking at the DUBS, they are a look alike to normal headsets.

A 12-decibel noise reduction rating is created that balances out loud sound without compromising quality. The dynamic 12-decibel reduction targets dangerous wavelengths that are more likely to cause damage. Unlike other foam earplugs, the DUBS unique form allows them to be worn comfortably and be stable against the ear. The DUBS are reusable, and come with a convenient, portable case to go with you everywhere. Whether you’re in the city, at a concert, on a plane or at the game, the DUBS protect your ears to keep you going louder, longer.


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Easy to insert and use.Delicate product
Lightweight, sleek, stylish and reusable.Proper fitting may required.
Includes a carrying case.Sound reduction is minimal.


Hearing loss is a problem that does not go away; once the ears sustain noise damage there is no going back. Thus protecting one’s hearing should be a priority. Using earplugs can help in reducing hearing loss.

Earplugs are functional, comfortable and really enhance your concert-going experience. Plus they look much better resting in ones ear than the colored pieces of silicone alternatives. If you are an avid concert goer or just exposed to loud noises on a regular basis then the earplugs are a must own!

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We have provided here the best quality earplugs for concerts which are of high quality, sturdy and comfortable to use. So,you can buy any one of these according to your monetary budget.

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