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Best Waterproof Laptop Cases – Must Read Before Your Buy

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Written by Matt Smith

A laptop is one of the important devices that you can carry with you anywhere where you want. This small device safely keeps your all important data. As we know, the laptops are sensitivities and it’s our duty to protect them from water, moisture, dust, dirt, or other impacts. Lots of people carelessly carry their laptops in non-protective and water-resistant bags. In heavy rain conditions, there may be more chances of laptop damages. Few drops of water may be a reason for losing your essential data by laptops damages.

So, you have to be careful about your laptop and buy the perfect one sleeve case for your device right now. Here, we are presenting the top 8 latest, great quality, and stylish laptop sleeve cases for use in all situation, even for daily travels, businesses, schools, and colleges.

Top 8 Best Waterproof Laptop Cases User Reviews in 2019

8. Egiant Water Repellent Protective Laptop Carrying Case

Protect your laptop from moisture, dust, and other things, with the Egiant water repellent protective laptop carrying case. It is made up of well-crafted fabric material with anti-slip texture. Its 360°of shock-proof protection with fluffy flannel lining works as a resistant against moisture, dust, dirt, and scratches. It also has one extra pocket which is used to take your other essential stuff or laptop accessories like a pen, charger, USB cord, power bank, mouse, glasses along with you. You can easily carry it with your laptop due to its lightweight and slim design. This bag is available in six different colors and five sizes so you can pick the perfect one for your laptop. Its zipper lock provides secure storage for other accessories and laptop. It has a lifetime warranty.

Egiant Water Repellent Protective Laptop Carrying Case

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Key Features:

  • Made up of high-quality fabric material
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Simple and protective
  • Lightweight and slim design

7. Lacdo 13″ Waterproof Fabric Laptop Sleeve Case

Being slim and its unique style makes this Lacdo waterproof fabric laptop sleeve case more selective. It is equipped with waterproof canvas fabric which easily resists the water, dust, dirt, moisture, etc. Its extra soft lining construction easily absorbs shock and reduce damages caused by accidentally scratches. It also features one additional pocket at the front which has enough space to store your important documents and accessories. It also has the tough zipper which ensures the laptop never slips out. It is available in seven different classy colors like rose, pink, black, grey, red, blue, and purple. The Lacdo’s sleeve cases are also available in four different sizes to fit all laptop models. You will surely happy with this purchase, because of its all fantastic features.

Lacdo 13 inch Waterproof Fabric Laptop Sleeve Case

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Key Features:

  • Made of waterproof canvas fabric
  • Additional pocket and zipper lock
  • Waterproof and shock resistant
  • Comes in seven colors and five sizes

6. Canvaslife Marble Pattern 360-degree Protective Laptop Sleeve

If you’re looking for something classy, simple, and affordable laptop bag, the Canvaslife marble pattern laptop sleeve case is perfect for you. The special canvas structure and 360° protective system makes it an ideal option and protects the laptop from dust, dirt, knocks, spills, and water. Its circular rebound material keeps your laptop safe from all sides. It features a front pocket which can hold your mouse, power bank, mobile, charger and much more. Its unique design makes insertion and removal process easy. It has a zipper lock for more safety. This bag arrives in two attractive colors which are marble and black marble. All in all, it’s an amazing laptop sleeve case.

Canvaslife Marble pattern 360-degree protective laptop sleeve

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Key Features:

  • Design with a special canvas
  • Has a 360° protective system
  • Extra front pocket
  • Comes in two attractive colors

5. HSEOK 13-13.3 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case

With the HSEOK Laptop Sleeve Case, your laptop will be well shielded from water, dampness, rain, shock, dirt, vibrations, and dust. It is made up of ultra soft and full of elastic material for your device comfort and you can reliably take it in your bag or suitcase. It also includes one small case for the safety of your other accessories like mobile, mouse, charger, etc. It features a polyester foam padding layer and nylon lycra fabric lining, which makes it mold-proof,wear-resisting and keeps your laptop secure from shock, drops and, scratches. The well sizes laptop case external dimensions are 14″ x 10″ x 1″ and internal are 13.6″ x 9.65″ x 0.79″. It is available in five different colors such as red, pink, black, grey, and quatrefoil green. This sleeve case is perfect in every way.

HSEOK 13-13.3 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case

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Key Features:

  • Includes small storage pouch bag
  • Superbly designed sleeve case
  • Soft lining and foam padding
  • Has a lifetime warranty

4. MOISISO 360° Protective Briefcase Handbag Laptop Sleeve

The MOSISO 360° protective sleeve case is one of the most stylish laptop cases which is compatible with any laptop up to 13 -13.3″ in size. It features a polyester foam padding layer and fluffy fleece fabric lining that provides superb water resistance ability and also absorbs shocks and protects your laptop from accidental scratches. For better handling, it includes an ergonomic handle and the strong zipper which guarantees the laptop never slips out. Moreover, it features 360° all-around protective reinforced interior edge and side opening zipper design which protect your laptop from any accidental dropping.

This bag lightweight and slim design easily fit into your suitcase, backpack, or other bags. Its outer polyester fabric extra pocket allows you to carry your other important accessories like chargers, mouse, headphones, glasses, documents, etc. It is a perfect choice for business, travel, school, and college. The internal dimensions of this bag are 13.39″ L x 0.79″ W x 9.65″ H and external are 13.98″ L x 0.79″ W x 10.04″H.

MOSISO 360° Protective Briefcase Handbag Laptop Sleeve

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Key Features:

  • Lightweight and stylish
  • 360° all-around protective design
  • Includes an ergonomic handle and the strong zipper
  • Convenient to use
  • Available in two colors

3. Nacuwa 360°Protective Sleeve Case

There is no need to worry when carrying your device with this 360° protective sleeve case from Nacuwa. With this proper inner cushioned sleeve case, your device will be well protected from water, moisture, dirt, dust, vibrations, shock, and scratches. It also offers 360-degree protection with reinforced corners for the safety of your device. It features the additional space for storing other essential stuff like a mouse, charger, pen, USB cable, glasses, power bank, and more. It has a convenient handle for easy carrying. It can easily fit in your backpack or suitcase because of its thin and lightweight design. Its versatile design makes it perfect for business, travel, school, college, and other places. The external measurements of this bag are 13.8 × 9.5 × 1.2 inches and internal are 13.4 × 9.1 × 0.8 inches. This bag is also available in three colors and sizes.

Nacuwa 360° Protective Sleeve Case(1)

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Key Features:

  • Durable waterproof sleeve case
  • Comes with proper inner cushioning
  • Has a sturdy handle
  • 36- degree protection with reinforced corners
  • Thin and compact design

2. HSEOK Environmental-Friendly Spill-Resistant Laptop Sleeve Case

Here’s the another best selling product from HSEOK is available for you. It is made up of best-selected quality material & color and makes it perfect sleeve case for a variety of laptop models like Sony, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba, Chromebook, Apple MacBook and many more. To make it perfect waterproofing, shockproofing, and protecting case, this bag features polyester foam padding layer and spill-resistant nylon lycra fabric lining. Its lightweight and slim design allow you to put it in your suitcase, backpack, or other bags.

Moreover, it comes with an excellent zipper on the bag. It has an extra storage pocket where you can store your other essential accessories like glasses, chargers, power bank, mouse, mobile, cables and business essentials. Its simplicity makes it more beautiful and gives a casual business feeling. Overall, this sleeve case has a proven functionality in protection and an ideal fit for different devices and accessories.

HSEOK Environmental-Friendly Spill-Resistant Laptop Sleeve Case

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Key Features:

  • Water and shockproof design
  • Lightweight and slim
  • Polyester foam padding layer and nylon lycra fabric lining
  • Easy to carry

1. Aqua Quest Storm -100% Waterproof Laptop Case

With the Aqua Quest Storm pure waterproof laptop case, keep your device safe in almost any situation. It’s a standout amongst the most versatile and reliable bags in the market due to the high-quality construction and strong 420D RipStop and TPU lamination. The best part of it is that this sleeve case is lightweight yet very strong and long-lasting. Surely, you will be amazed by its other features like double zip lock seal, welded seams, and removable padded sleeve.

It is very convenient to use like you can access your sealed laptop in 2-3 seconds. For quick access, you can pack your device with a velcro flap also. Its all features are much enough to protect your laptop from water, spills, scuffs, dirt, scratches, light impact, etc. It comes in six different colors and four sizes. Bottom line is, With the aqua quest storm case your device is safe and comfortable.

Aqua Quest Storm - 100% Waterproof Laptop Case(1)

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Key Features:

  • High-grade construction
  • Comes with 100% waterproof guarantee
  • Sturdy and long-lasting design
  • Has a double zip lock seal
  • Available in six colors and four sizes 
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Here in this article, we are presenting the top 8 latest, great quality, and classy laptop sleeve cases. All the waterproof laptop cases are premium, branded and comes with an advanced features. Hence, you can pick anyone of these and take care of your laptop.

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