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Best Money Counting Machine – Get Information For You

Best Money Counting Machine
Written by Matt Smith

In a bank or large businesses includes lots of cash and handling it with hands is a tedious and time-consuming task. Other than that, the counterfeit or fake notes is also a major problem. The cash counting machine is one such invention that removes all money related difficulties and makes your work easy and tens free. This machine has become an integral part of hotels, retail shops, banks, and many small or large business.

Manually counting notes means there is always a chance for error and for solving it need to recheck them and these process also takes more time. But this cash counting technology reduces your all efforts and counts the bundle of notes within a few seconds with precise results and also saves your recounting time.

Detecting the counterfeit, half, double, and abnormal notes is one of the important reason that’s why people like this currency counting machines these days. These currency machines are extremely easy to operate. They can easily fit most of the places without occupying too much space due to its compact design. Most of the businessmen prefer these currency machines due to all amazing features with they equip. So, if you want the best money counting machine, then our top 8 counting machines are available for you.

Top 8 Best Money Counting Machines Buying Guide in 2019

8. EOM-POS Money Counting Machine

The EOM-POS money counting machine integrated with excellent technology that provides the precise and quick counting. This intelligent cash counting machine with ultraviolet, magnetic, and infrared sensors is able to separate the counterfeit bill, and also can detect the half, abnormal, and double notes. Besides, its high counting speed makes it capable of counting up to 1000 bills in a minute. It is designed to count the number of bills, not the total money amount. It comes with easy to read LED screen which is very clear and control panel with control buttons to manage different settings. It has the built-in handle for easy carrying. This reliable cash counting machine saves your time and avoids the tedious task of the money counting.

EOM-POS Money Counting Machine

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Key Features:

  • Counting speed is 1000 bills per minute
  • Easy to read LED display
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Accurate detection with ultraviolet, magnetic, and infrared sensors

7. Knox Cash Bill Counter with Counterfeit Detection

Here is another cash counting machine is available with its advanced features, innovative design, and outstanding performance. Performing cash counting operation with this machine, you get the precise and smooth counting. Notably, it has the counting speed up to 1,000 bills in a minute. Its hopper and stacker capacity is 130 bills. This Knox counter equips with the ultraviolet, magnetic, and infrared detection system to separate counterfeit cash as well as fake bills. Specifically, it built up with a counterfeit alarm which alerts you whenever fake bills have detected. This durable design has a folding handle for your convenience. It also equips with three modes such as count, batch, and add. It comes with user-friendly LED screen and number pad to increase your visibility and makes easy changing modes and tracking bill count operations. This machine’s compact design makes it perfect for workplaces, homes or businesses.

Knox Cash Bill Counter with Counterfeit Detection

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Key Features:

  • Compact and durable design
  • Counts up to 1,000 bills in a minute
  • Uses UV and magnetic sensors to detect fake bills
  • Comes with count, batch, and add functions

6. Teraputics Elite Professional Cash Counting Machine

If you’re looking for the most reliable and efficient money counting machine, then you can go for the Teraputics elite professional cash counting machine. This cash counter is one of the most durable money counters and comes with the easy to understand configuration as well as provides the superior execution. This counting machine comes with magnetic, ultraviolet, and infrared sensors to instantly detect bogus notes, double note, and also can check half and broken notes. This machine precise detection rate is 1/800000. Its powerful performance has proved due to its working capability, and it can work up to 6 hours straight while counting 1200 bills in a minute. Its speed never exceeds 60 dB and offers you a silent operation. This user-friendly tool also features LED display to increase your visibility. It consumes less energy and designed to works on110V with 60Hz power consumption. It has 45 days money back guarantee.

Teraputics Elite Professional Cash Counting Machine

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Key Features:

  • Accurate and reliable design
  • LED display
  • Counts up to 1200 bills per minute
  • Comes with 45 days money back guarantee

5. Goplus Money Counter Machine

Goplus is professional digital bill budget counter with fake currency detector. For precise and convenient bill counting, you can go for this Goplus money counter. It designed with 13pcs rubber wheel to ensures smooth and accurate money counting. It uses UV and MG anti-counterfeit detection system to work fastly and find the fake currency notes accurately. This counting machine has the ability to count almost 900 bills per minute. It comes with LED screen for easy reading with adding, batching, and self-examination functions.

Its design easily fits many places without occupying too much space. Notably, It is compatible with most currencies in the world. This counting machine design to counts the number of notes, for example: if you insert a stack of (5) $10 and (10) $5 it will show you (15) not $100. In the end, if you are searching for the best machine with multiple functions at an affordable price, this can be a good option for you, you will surely happy with its sturdiness, high quality, and portability.

Goplus Money Counter Machine

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Key Features:

  • Counts up to 900 bills per minute
  • Uses UV and MG sensors to recognize counterfeits
  • Easy to read LED screen
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

4. G-Star Technology Money Counter

The money counting machine from G-Star Technology is capable to offer accurate and reliable solutions for quick money counting and counterfeit bill detection. This smart money counter machine features an ultraviolet as well as magnetic sensors to immediately spot fake banknotes. It is one of the perfect money sorting tools for businesses and homes. It can quickly count the number of bills in the stack with accuracy. It also features user-friendly LED display for easy reading. Moreover, it has an automatic self-testing ability.

Other than that, speed is an important factor to consider whenever you go for a money counter. And, this machine’s working speed is excellent, it can count nearly 1000 bills per minute and allows for up to 2 hours of continuous counting. With its less than 60 dB noise level, it works silently than other counting machines. This G-Star’s counting machine consumes less energy as well, it consumes less than 90 watts in working condition while less than 3 watts at ideal mode. It comes with a full 1-Year manufacturer warranty.

Overall, this machine has an amazing feature which offers you loads of advantages like saves your time, provides smooth operation and enhance efficiency.

G-Star Technology Money Counter

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Key Features:

  • Ultraviolet and magnetic sensors for fast operation
  • Ability to count 1000 bills in a minute
  • Easy to read LED display
  • Energy saving design
  • Has a 1-Year manufacturer warranty

3. DOMENS Bill Money Counter Machine

The money counting machine from DOMENS comes with amazing features and capabilities to offer precise solutions for fast money counting. It features a magnetic and ultraviolet detection system that makes it able to separate the counterfeit notes, and the infrared technology helps to find the chain, half as well as double notes. This machine has well design inner structure which is very easy to clean and maintain. Its all inbuilt sensors are protected with film for long-lasting use. It equipped with 13 pcs high-grade rubber flat wheel for precise and smooth money counting. It can perform the fast counting with the maximum speed up to 1050 bills per minute.

This machine comes with a large LCD display that allows you to see the result easily from most angles and allows you to count up to “999999” notes. Moreover, its LCD screen is color changeable, whenever there is found an error it turns to red. It has auto and manual mode to select any of them according to your convenience, you can select auto mode for automatic start, stop, and error detecting function to make this job simple. Overall, this is the reliable cash counting machine and gives you accurate level counting and counterfeit detection.

DOMENS Bill Money Counter Machine

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Key Features:

  • Magnetic and ultraviolet sensors
  • Can count 1050 bills in a minute
  • User-friendly LCD display
  • Auto and manual mode options

2. Cassida 6600 UV Bussiness Grade Currency Counter

The 6600 UV business grade currency counter comes with a unique design and excellent features. Its high counting speed provides 13 times faster counting than a hand count. This currency counter has the ability to efficiently and quickly count notes as well as detect fake currencies using the ultraviolet and magnetic IR sensors. The maximum speed of this currency counter is 1400 bills per minute. This counter comes with a hopper size of 400 bills and stacker capacity of 300 bills at a time. It can easily fit in small spaces like a cashier’s table due to its compact design.

It comes with four helpful money counting modes such as add, count, batch, and add+batch for performing the operations according to your needs. Its ultraviolet and magnetic sensors are sufficient enough to spot a wide range of fake bills. With its infrared technology, it detects half, double, and chain note quickly. This product comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Cassida 6600 UV Business Grade Currency Counter

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Key Features:

  • Highly accurate design
  • Equips with 4 useful counting modes
  • Counts up to 1400 bills per minute
  • Uses ultraviolet and magnetic sensors to recognize counterfeits
  • Easy to operate

1. CARNATION Bank Grade Money Counter Machine

The bank-grade mixed denomination bill money counter from Carnation is reliable and the perfect pick for the bank and large businesses. This counting machine’s powerful functions and capabilities makes it enough efficient to meet your all currency related needs. It has one reject pocket to drop all forged bills and avoid the disturbance in the counting of the note. It can catch the sequential number of each checked bill and also can store the data, so if any mistake happens while counting you can print these all details and easily sort out your issues because this all money related works are confidential and valuable.

With the ultraviolet, infrared, magnetic, and image recognition technology, this machine can easily spot fake bills. This high-speed counting machine can count 1100 notes per minute. It has an ability to proficient count and sort mixed bills by denomination.

It has a large LCD screen to show results. It also has PC connectivity, so you can easily upgrade it with software using the USB port and SD card. Overall, this counting machine integrated with various advanced features like reporting, printing, add, and batch. It comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

CARNATION Bank Grade Money Counter Machine

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Key Features:

  • Ability to count 1100 notes per minute
  • Easily count and sort mixed bills
  • Use magnetic, UV, infrared, and image recognition technology for counterfeits
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Has a 2-year warranty
Quick Flashback
  • EOM-POS Money Counting Machine
  • Knox Cash Bill Counter with Counterfeit Detection
  • Teraputics Elite Professional Cash Counting Machine
  • Goplus Money Counter Machine
  • G-Star Technology Money Counter
  • DOMENS Bill Money Counter Machine
  • Cassida 6600 UV Bussiness Grade Currency Counter
  • CARNATION Bank Grade Money Counter Machine


In this post, we have provided the best money counter machines reviews in 2019.. All the products have amazing features, advanced technology and better performance. Hence, you can choose from our collection as per your need.


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